Frequently asked Questions

EMBER stands for Essential Military Benefits, Education & Resources. This website was created to provide Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, Veterans, and family members to access to all the necessary resources and support services available to them.
Whether you are a currently serving member, transitioning member, veteran, or family member, the website is designed with the military community in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the programs, services, and/or resources on the site, please contact the appropriate company (e.g. VAC, MFRC, Legion, etc.). There is a full contact list for the programs/services under the Support Section.

RESPECTMap aims to inform professionals (organisations of support) – who work to improve the well being of personnel in uniform – about services that exist locally, provincially and nationally, so that they can best refer to their clients, develop collaborations with other local organisations.