Transitioning Members

Who is a transitioning member and what is transition?

Any Canadian Armed Forces member who is currently in the period of reintegration from military to life after service is a transitioning member.

Transition is the period of reintegration from military to life after service and the corresponding process of change that a serving member, Veteran and their family go through when their service is completed. It encompasses much more than completing the administrative aspects of release and leaving the Forces, which is our current process. Transition requires thorough preparation and often social, emotional, and psychological adjustments as a person and as a family.

Transition will happen to every member of the CAF at some point and every member will experience transition differently. Their families, who have been supporting these CAF members are also affected. It is important to note that transition does not automatically mean leaving the Forces. The CAF wants to retain its skilled, experienced and well-trained members and will work towards doing so whenever possible.


This website allows our Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and the military community access to all of the resource & support services currently available to them across Canada.  Specifically, this webpage intends to assist our transitioning members in finding information such as pensions, education, discounts, health & wellness, resources, etc. in one convenient location.